A business loan can help you cover a short term cost, or can be the capital you need to grow and flourish. Perhaps you’d like to refurbish your premises or invest in state of the art equipment. Whatever the purpose of the loan, the commercial finance experts at Addington Associates can find the right solution to suit your needs.

Applying for a business loan with a bank can be a long and tiring process, and it’s possible you could get refused if you don’t meet strict criteria. Here at Addington Associates we understand the many challenges businesses face, and work hard to make applying for a loan simpler and quicker.

We specialise in raising finance for the following purposes:

Capital or business expansion – if you don’t have the cash upfront to expand the business

Business acquisition – if you spot an investment opportunity but don’t have the capital

Asset Purchase – if you need to buy or replace equipment, vehicles or machinery

Stock – if you struggle to keep up with demand

Wages – when you won’t be able to pay your staff on time

Tax liability – if you have a tax bill which you won’t be able to pay on time

Consolidation – if you have other debts to pay off

Property Renovation – if your business premises needs a refurbishment

The majority of businesses wouldn’t have got far without a business loan. We provide short and long term solutions which are tailored to meet individual business needs. If you’d like to find out more about our range of business loans, speak to one of our financing experts today